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Nick James

Nick James (B.Sc., MIEE, C.Eng.) is a secretary of the British Astronomical Association, Assistant Director of its Comet Section and Assistant Editor of The Astronomer magazine. Professionally he is an engineer working in the space industry leading a team developing deep-space communication and tracking systems. His interest in astronomy started as a ten-year old when he received a small telescope for Christmas, and it has developed over the years to the point where he now has a fully equipped back-garden observatory. He has written many articles for magazines and is the joint author of Observing Comets, published by Springer in 2003. He regularly gives talks on astronomical subjects to a wide range of audiences ranging from Year 1 primary school children through to advanced astronomers at venues such as the Royal Institution. He has travelled widely to view astronomical events such as eclipses and has observed, photographed and videoed spectacular displays of the northern lights from Alaska and northern Sweden.

In 2013 Nick was our astronomer guide on 'Active Arctic and Northern Lights' - a Northern Lights tour in Sweden.

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