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What is an Astronomy Holiday

More and more people are seeking richer travel and holiday experiences and our astronomy tours give the opportunity to experience wonderful places in the company of like minded people and take in astronomical events without the hassle and risks of organising the trip yourself.

Astronomy appeals to people in many different ways and whether you’re drawn by the awesome splendour of the night sky from a really dark site or wish to see a particular event such as an eclipse or the Northern Lights, we have tours that will suit. No prior knowledge is required just a desire to be wowed by some of the most magical experiences the Universe has to offer.

Different destinations lend themselves to different styles of tour for example our northern lights tours are typically based in one location for several days whilst look for aurora each night. Eclipse tours take in the culture and landscape of a region before gathering in the prime location to see the eclipse. Observatory tours take clients to visit large professional obsevatories as well as 'hands-on' astronomy with smaller telescopes.     

In early 2013 we started astronomy holidays for families with a tremendously successful northern lights tour. The group witnessed cracking auroral displays as well as learning much about the geography an geology of Iceland.

Our tours include:

  • The services of expert astronomy guides as well as local country guides
  • Accommodation and transport
  • Group sizes vary according to the type of tour and local logistics. In the case of tours which are centred around events such as eclipses, several itineraries converge for the main event.