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Supervolcanoes on Mars

A string of ancient calderas has been identified on the surface of Mars

Voyager 1 leaves the Solar System

Voyager 1 reaches Interstellar Space


Neil Armstrong Statue in Iceland

Icelander plans to commemorate the Apollo astronauts


A Year of Curiosity

One year of Curiosity on Mars

Double Solar Peak

Solar activity appears to be entering a double peak

Wave at Saturn

Wave at Saturn this Friday


Martian Solar Eclipse

Nasa's Curiosity rover records an eclipse from the surface of Mars 

The Northern Lights are back!

The Northern Lights are back

Sir Bernard Lovell 1913 - 2012

Sir Bernard Lovell, the father of British Radio Astronomy has died aged 98 

First Light for HESS II

The largest Cherenkov telescope, HESS II began operations in Namibia this week