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The Northern Lights are back!

As we approach the autumnal equinox, the nights are lengthening and the Northern Lights are starting to put on a show across the Arctic regions of our planet. Over the past few weeks many reports of full sky displays have come in from Northern Scandinavia, Iceland, Eastern Canada, the Yukon and Alaska.

As solar maximum approaches, the coming winter should be particularly fruitful for those in search of the lights and the period around the equinox usually sees higher levels of auroral activity. Whilst it's often stated that the increased activity at the equinox isn't fully understood, there are several factors that are well known such as the tilt of Sun's pole towards the Earth resulting in the faster solar wind which is emitted from the polar regions of the Sun. Also the Earth's axis is better aligned to receive the solar wind than at the winter solstice when the northern regions are tilted away from the Sun.

Our friends up at Lake Myvatn, Northern Iceland have reported early sightings of great displays that whet our appetite for the forthcoming tours in December through till March. 

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