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Responsible Travel

Here at Explorers Astronomy tours, we work together with our sister company The Adventure Company to allow us to plan and operating our tours in such a way in which we can ensure we maximise the positive effects of tourism on the local economies, cultures and the environment whilst minimising any negative impacts.

Our aims & objectives

We understand that the places that we visit are affected by our tours, so to ensure we design and operated our tours responsibly, we have created aims and objectives to follow to maximise the positive effects of tourism in the area.  Find out more about our aims & objectives

Our Foundation

Our sister company, The Adventure Company set up their own foundation, The Adventure Company Foundation to help play an important part in helping the communities and wildlife in the places Explorers and The Adventure Company travel to.  Find out more about Our Foundation

Carbon Offset

Flying around the world to see some of these outstanding astronomical events involves burning fossil fuels, therefore increasing carbon emissions. We offset all customers' carbon emissions associated with in-country travel to try to reduce the impact and offer carbon offsetting at the time of booking. Find out more about Carbon Offset

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