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Region Highlights: 

Historic Crossroads of Civilizations

Exotic Cuisine

Wideopen Steppes

Unique Architecture

Where East meets West, classical ruins sit astride contemporary cafes and modern cities melt into green mountains and turquoise coast, Turkey’s dazzling array of old and new and its long love affair with Europe and Asia makes a visit here unique.

Istanbul is one of our favourite cities. A glittering array of old and new, majestic mosques, minarets and markets rise proudly from the banks of the Bosphorus, alongside contemporary rooftop bars, atmospheric alley ways and excellent eateries. The hum and buzz of prosperity pervades the harbour, always busy with fishermen, traders and people boarding and disembarking the passenger ferries. 

For somewhere truly different, Cappadoccia is pure magic. Deep in the heart of Turkey, the pink-red landscape is characterised by its bizarre rock formations, which reach like long fingers into the sky.  Fathomed out of the forces of erosion, humans have also left their mark here, carving out cave dwellings or ‘fairy chimneys’ between 1800-1200 BC, where locals still live today. 

Family Holidays in Turkey

The breathtaking landscape of Cappadocia with its strange and beautiful rock formations makes an ideal location for a tour full of activities. During the day our families explore the country on mountain bikes and horseback before walking and camping in the mountains and meeting local villagers. After all that activity the opportunity to relax in a traditional Turkish bath or Hamam will be very appealing.

The skies of Central Turkey are crystal clear, especially from our mountain camps and will provide a wonderful opportunity to stargaze in the company of our expert astronomy guide Dr John Mason.   

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